Adinkra Meditation/Yoga Mats

"400 Year" commemorative yoga and meditation mats with a unique designer concept honoring African Adinkra wisdom. The print on the package boldly announces sacred intent: Remember Who You Are! Each unique symbol on mat conveys messages of oneness, love, reconciliation and peace for practitioners of the sacred work of affirming our common humanity in the circle of life.

These natural rubber and suede mats come in:
- Dimensions: 1730mm*610mm*4mm
- Primary Colors: Coral Red, Green, Purple

Crafted for durability, functionality, and style, these rich and vibrant mats are washable and environmentally friendly.

After a life changing epiphany while camped for work on the bank of the Escravos(meaning "The Slave" in Portuguese) River, the designer has spent the last year working on how to translate his heightened sense of appreciation of the West African Adinkra Symbols to physical and digital media which facilitate their embodiment. The general theme of the work is "400 years: Remember Who We Are!".  The placement of every symbol on the Mat is meaningful. "My commission is to come out progressively with these symbols and their life changing messages through various physical and digital media" he said. The wisdom and energy of these symbols continue to evolve our individual and collective culture one insight and awakening at a time.

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